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Independence Day: TRON starts Mainnet, Futures planned

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The TRON project celebrated on November 25. June with the Launch of the Mainnets the Independence Day. In addition to the efforts to push Ethereum from the throne, the project with Justin Sun, however, still have other big goals. So, to be launched in July, a secret project. Starting in September there will be with the TRX Futures also futures contracts for TRON.

The TRON project around the Initiator Justin Sun is known to want to Ethereum dethrone. In order to make the effect of Ethereum, independent, proclaimed Sun the Launch of the Mainnets – its own platform, which will provide the future basis for dApps.

This was on 25. June, the Independence Day was proclaimed – the test phase of the Mainnets is completed now apparently. Because online the Mainnet was already in the night 31. May, however, here the goal is that developers should test the platform catchy on error.

With the Launch of the Mainnets now the “real” TRX issued Token. The existing ERC-20-tokens are now in TRX-Token converted. The TRON Team promises its users with great advantages over the Ethereum platform. So with TRON free transactions should be possible. In addition, the transactions should be up to ten times faster than in the case of Ethereum. The Token Swap has not yet been completed. As a next milestone, Justin Sun was on Twitter the Launch of a secret project:

“The next important milestone in the 30’s. July – we will be launching our official virtual machine. All decentralized Exchanges and applications to the TRON platform will be integrated into the TRON-Ecosystem. 30. July, we’ll launch one of our secret projects.“

The other objectives of TRON are ambitious: you want to develop in addition to its own Cryptocurrency a Web 2.0 platform and a new social network. Here, it should be possible for users to monetize their content and to start in addition to your own ICOs.

TRON-Futures in planning

In addition, it should from 28. To September 2018, the giving Option on the development of the TRX-course betting. With the futures contracts the platform BitMEX has announced the Launch of financial products:

“Due to high demand, we will be closed from 28. September 2018, the BitMEX TRON-Futures TRXU18 [ … ].“

ETH-rates as stable as a TRX course

The TRX course is currently 0,034 Euro. He lost in the last 24 hours is just 1 percent. In the weekly course it looks like TRON a bit darker – with a Minus of 20 percent, of course also lost here. In the monthly history for as much as 40 percent, which is to lose the TRX course.

The competition is in the Price trends are still significantly better. With 385,58 euros must cope with the Ether-course a loss of just over 1 percent. In the weekly course of the tokens of the Ethereum platform, however, better: the Ether registered a decline of 17.6 percent. In the monthly course, however, the crypto currency has to cope with “only” a loss of nearly 21 percent. (26.06.2018, 15:00).

More about TRON here: New Coins on the Block – TRON (TRX).

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