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Hydro-Quebec is planning an independent power supply for crypto-Mining

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Quebec’s public electricity utility, filed last week, plans to the government to develop, according to which Hydro-Quebec is planning a new process for the Offer of supply of energy for crypto-Mining.

Hydro-Quebec for crypto-Mining

According to the Plan, Hydro is planning to reserve Quebec with 500 megawatts specifically designed for crypto Mining. A Megawatt can operate 650 houses, therefore, 500 MW corresponds to the power supply of 325,000 homes. Bids for parts of this energy would have to be submitted to Hydro-Quebec and the decisions would be based on their ability to create jobs and economic benefits for Quebec.

Proposals are based on the following criteria to be accepted:

A Time-Sensitive Development

Hydro-Quebec stated that the company was working hard to find a timely solution to the Problem. The government published last month a report, according to which the country consumes unforeseen amounts of energy. A further Criteria for the choice of the commandments would be, how quickly a crypto-Farm can be built.

Energy consumption: Mining vs. inhabitants

The utility companies also want to limit the amount of current that the crypto-Miner during the year can relate to, in order to ensure that the industry shuts down, no high-quality services for citizens. The same concern was at the centre of many disputes that took place in North America between the crypto-miners, local governments and residents.

“The economic analysis is to prefer customers that are willing to operate their crypto-farms as quickly as possible. In addition, Hydro could require-Québec, these customers reduce their electricity consumption for a maximum of 300 hours per year, the supply of electricity to all customers, in particular during the peak times in the Winter.“

The growing influence of crypto-currencies

Crypto-currencies keep governments and our society on their toes. Whether it is judging the impact of crypto-currencies in court or to help a Hollywood Film, the spaces improve the local economy or to refugees around the world, crypto currencies are a hot topic for (almost) everyone .

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