Hajo Bruins by the fire brigade from bed pulled

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In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday around three o’clock there was a fire on a roof terrace in Amsterdam-South. Residents of the Street were startled awake by the fire.

Hajo Bruins and partner Linde van den Heuvel

Actor Hajo Bruins and his family was by the fire department out of bed tumbled. But the fire hit his apartment and is believed to have started on the roof terrace. “It seems that we have no damage, no water damage,” says Hajo. Still, it was his family, just like the other neighbors, the street on sent.

Team Brandonderzoek going to do research into the cause, because that is not clear. The flaming and smoldering fire lasted, the fire brigade to five hours. Two hours later, after the emergence could almost neighbors again, including Hajo. A house, where the fire presumably not arise, but skipped, is uninhabitable explained.

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