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German Drama in Russia: the defending champion off after the loss against South Korea

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Defending champion Germany has not qualified for the eighth finals of the world cup. The Germans lost in the Kazan Arena of South Korea (0-2 in overtime) while Sweden is the measure took from Mexico. Result: Sweden group winners for Mexico, Germany and South Korea may ordered to pack their bags. After Italy and Spain, this is the third world cup tournament in a row that the defending champion pulling out does not survive.

It could be in group F have all the sides out before the start of the slotspeeldag. Mexico was the best with six points from two matches but also for the Central Americans was the qualification still not a fact. The loss against Sweden and German victory against South Korea, we got three teams with six points, and the calculations begin. Profit of the Sweden forced the Germans to win of South Korea, if not, was the defending champion already in the group stage home sent.

Enough elements for a denouement is not suitable for hartlijders. The South Koreans knew that only a victory them to the next round could help and were therefore actively looking for the three points. Germany put there quite game opposite but the German problem is clearly in the front. Timo Werner is still no topspits, Mario Gomez is a back-up on the way back. As dnan, even goalkeeper Neuer to the blunder, then you know that the nerves with the Germans high up there. The Germans tried, but the Korean goalkeeper Cho wanted no districts know, including a close attempt of tiny toddlers. But the Koreans were not quick to respond.



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At the same time, looked at Mexico, and Sweden to each other in the eyes. Also, it stayed for the rest but there would be after the break, to change, to the disadvantage of the Germans. The second half had only just started the whistle or the Swedes were lead by Augustinsson. Result: Germany maker turned off. And they knew it! National coach Löw brought with Gomez and Müller, two additional attacking forces. Then a little later Sweden from the dot the 0-2 scored – goalscorer Granqvist – remained the Germans but one thing: win.

And that led to great nervousness in the defending champion, also because the Korean tegenprikken via Sol is not without danger. The Germans had to take risks, a third Swedish goal against Mexico changed that situation.

Germany launched a wanhoopsoffensief. And that gave doelkansen. Mario Gomez headed into the arms of goalkeeper Cho, a header from Mats tiny toddlers was always the hit of the qualification to produce. But there are some days that nothing wants to succeed, also a ultimate attempt of Duckweed stranded in the arms of Cho. The Koreans were, in their turn, many of countermogelijkheden but they, too, could be the right opening is not found. Also six minutes of extra time could the Germans do not help. Even more, Kim scored the goal that the Koreans, although not in the tournament kept but ensured that Germany had to drain, especially after Sol there 0-2. What an ending, what a surprise. Sweden group winners, Mexico. Germany and South Korea are off.

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