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Gedegouteerde Yves Marchand stops as videoref: “I had me as soon as possible doodrijden against a tree.”

04e715f439b0a5e973ff2856e3fc42e6 - Gedegouteerde Yves Marchand stops as videoref: “I had me as soon as possible doodrijden against a tree.”

Yves Marchand is going to be next season not to work as a videoref. That confirmed scheidsrechtersbaas Johan Verbist on Wednesday. Marchand was last season once or twice on non-active status by the Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association).

Verbist was last week, together with Marchand to talk about the past season. “In consultation, we have decided that it is better for Yves stops. There are all kinds of things happened and He has, therefore, the perception against him,” says Verbist.

Two times in the error

Marchand was in the beginning of the season – when the videoref still a new concept and was just pushed aside. The ex-referee came in mid-August 2017 discredited, because he is a penalty kick missed during Zulte Waregem-Club Brugge (1-2) on the third match day in the regular season. The videoref informed referee Lawrence Visser not in a penaltyfout and got under more of Francky Dury the wind from the front. After a temporary suspension of a month, in which he extra guidance and practice sessions got, if Marchand re-seat in the van.

At the end of april, Marchand again the fog in. The Video, Assistant Referee (VAR), referee Jonathan Lardot during AA Gent-Standard in play-off 1 to two times in the stitch. The Buffalo had a penalty kick earned, but when grip Marchand. In the second half made Marchand a questionable call, which Lardot decided a goal of AA Gent, to declare it invalid. For the Pro League was the measure full, scheidsrechtersbaas Verbist put Marchand for the rest of the season on non-active.

“After the match Gent-Standard had Marchand, a number of conclusions drawn, but he was also an operator and assistant, who are dependent on him. We were those guys for sure, so we went looking for a solution. That is found and thus they must not stop,” explains Verbist. “That made Marchand assured, which makes it easier to make the decision. For him personally, it was the best decision. In the conversation we had the feeling that he is worried about what would happen if he let the mist in. A mistake is human, but then he would be again in the eye of the storm.”

“Doodrijden against tree”

Marchand announced the news itself on at Radio 1. “What happened, happened. But with what eyes will I in the future be looking at? The least mistake is again punished. And look at this world cup: flaws are there anyway. A third time would be one time too many. That I’d rather avoid”, declared the videoref. “It is not about resignation or be dismissed, it just happened in that conversation. I had that intention immediately after the season already, but I have a team with assistants. For them, there is a solution found. That was for me an important point.”

Marchand received after the conscious games also include hate mail, he says on Radio 1. “I received messages in which he wrote that I should doodrijden against a tree. Then you wonder what you’re doing. I also have a lot of support, also of the royal belgian football association, but the clock can’t be reversed. There are errors made, but there were me also errors aangewreven where I’m not responsible for ben,” said Marchand, with the belgian football association to work remains to the performance of the referees to judge.

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