Flanders has a girl group

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Top Pops is a fully-Limburgs project of Frank Grotars, an events organiser and chairman of the Feestcomité in Tongeren. Four young women were after auditions retained. The group consists of Kelly Vandervelpen (26) Chose, Ine Andries (26) from Dilsen-Stokkem, Evita Lenaerts (32) out of it and finally, Teresa Orlando (33) from Maasmechelen.

Frank Grotars says to The Importance Of Limburg that this is taken into consideration. According to the founders, there seems to be a market for it. The name Top Pops comes from Toppop and that is the name of the legendary music of the AVRO with Ad Visser. Carina Clerinx was as zangcoach attracted. She accompanies more artists. Patrick Renier is the producer, in the past he worked together with Belle Perez and now with Lisa del Bo.

The first single, “The night of your dreams”, on June 29 launched is a Brazilian song which a few years ago, an English-language version was recorded for Sisters Only. Geert Vanloffelt of The Spirit and put a Dutch-language text. Meanwhile, there was also a clip recorded of this great summer song.

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