Femke Halsema nominated as the new mayor of Amsterdam

2d35780af7472dd8d5316a580bb062a0 - Femke Halsema nominated as the new mayor of Amsterdam

The city council of Amsterdam bears Femke Halsema as the new mayor. The former GroenLinks-leader follows Eberhard van der Laan, who in October last year died. With the 52-year-old Halsema get to Amsterdam for the first time a female mayor.

The city council of the Dutch capital, met and voted Wednesday behind closed about the new mayor.

The name of Halsema circulated already. She is not only the first woman who holds the office holds, but also the first mayor of Green. The Dutch capital was already in place since 1946 governed by the socialist Party. GroenLinks was at the local elections in march, the largest party in the Amsterdam city council.

The council of ministers should ultimately be about the appointment to decide, after which the king, the new mayor appoints. Can expect to Halsema this summer to get started. Until then, Jozias van Aartsen as acting mayor.

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