Fans Family react disappointed

9e091cb1982e30c084152a30b238e7e9 - Fans Family react disappointed

You can tease and you can tease, that also know the makers of the VTM program Family. The actors from the series, post more and more photos on social media, but photos sometimes give more price than is actually intended. No problem they find with Family, as long as the actors are not telling what is going to happen is as good as everything is allowed. Now, Sandrine André, they will be posted on may 15, a photo of themselves with a strange man on the plane. That man had a hoodie and was as good as unrecognizable, but the viewers of the Family were as good as certain that the Kürt Rogiers. Tuesday, it became clear that the viewers were right because Lars was to the Azores left and Véronique decided him to travel. Remarkably, the shooting of this foreign trip was only the middle of may, while the Family usually has a lead of roughly two months.

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