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Facebook lifts ban on the advertising of crypto-currencies

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26. June has adapted to Facebook’s advertising guidelines. Since January of this year, when “the social network”, any advertising for crypto products and ICOs and was completely forbidden. The restrictions will now be eased, but not eliminated entirely. Banner for option transactions, and ICOs remain Zuckerberg’s company is still foreign. The sister company, Instagram has not yet tightened.

In January, the management Board and CEO of Facebook decided that a fully comprehensive advertising ban on all types of crypto products. They wanted to protect their own users from criminals or simply misleading advertising campaigns.

Facebook: advertising for ICOs and option transactions are still prohibited

According to a press release the ban from the beginning, should only be temporary, until you can distinguish misleading products from reputable. Who is advertising now as a business partner with own partner-ID is admitted, it must still prove that a Broker’s license or other permission for the trade with such products. Before Filling out the various questions on a separate page, and the submission of relevant documents will continue to be tolerated no banners for crypto-campaigns. The company monitors the changes in the revised advertising guidelines, in order to optimize them. All users, who discover a forbidden advertising of ICOs or option transactions, are encouraged to report these immediately. Not everyone who wants to advertise in for digital services, will be in accordance with the new requirements in the location, as it is said in the announcement, the social network full-bodied.

The bottom line is, this still is good news. For all the reputable providers of Facebook is due to the possibility to switch the advertising extremely targeted, an indispensable Marketing tool. Many vendors will be glad to know that on this Portal as an advertising platform after about six months of forced break not to have to continue to do without. In addition: it is possible that the decision model of personality and other providers such as Twitter will follow the example.

Facebook hopes in the future to be able to success the Good from the Bad separate. We are curious, whether you can succeed in this, in view of the many different service providers and the size of the portal.

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