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Facebook lifts ban on crypto-currency to Display partially

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The umstrittenene Social Media giant Facebook yesterday announced to end his absolute ban on the cryptocurrency Map. The ban is therefore loosened that verified crypto-currency-related Advertisements are permitted. ICO-Ads will, however, remain prohibited.

30. January of this year, said Facebook was a ban on all advertising in connection with crypto-currencies on the platform, in order to protect the naive Social Media users from being victims of fraud cases.

Leading Social Media companies like Google, Twitter and Snapchat followed the example of Facebook quickly and exiles also crypto-currency to display in their networks.

Only a few months after the ban of all Cryptocurrency-related display advertising, Facebook loosened its ban on now. Certain advertisers have obtained prior permission, may turn to back campaigns in connection with crypto-currencies. The exception is clearly addressed to reputable companies, such as, for example, crypto-currency exchanges, the plan is no fraud or Exit Scam.

The Change was announced to the Business Blog of the company:

In January, we announced a new policy, it is prohibited to advertise financial products and services, often with misleading or deceptive advertising practices have been associated, such as binary options, ICOs and crypto-currencies. At that time, we made it clear that this policy is deliberately designed to be broad, while we are working to recognize deceptive and misleading advertising practices better.

In the last few months, Facebook has worked on advertising, according to its own statements on the improvement of the policy, as well as the detection of deceptive and misleading practices, some of the Ads allow, and at the same time ensure that they are safe. The Directive was to yesterday’s 26. June updated. ICO-View will remain, according to the Directive, however, continues to be prohibited.

Advertisers, the Ads for crypto – currency products and services you want to switch, you must submit an application to check your eligibility, including all licenses that you have received, regardless of whether they are traded on a public stock exchange […]. In view of these limitations, not everyone who wants to advertise will be able to do so.

Whether in the long term, the ICO-to-Display ban on Facebook will fall, remain, in our view, to be seen. For Facebook, the advertising business is a great source of income. As long as Facebook can prevent its users to be a victim of a Scam or Exit lured Scams, you will be the crypto-related advertising accept revenue might joyfully.

In addition, also remains to be seen whether Google and Twitter follow the example of Facebook. For the entire crypto currency market, this would, in our opinion, a very positive sign.

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