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Ethereum Classic (ETC) before Ripple (XRP) listed on Coinbase

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Coinbase is without question one of the most popular and biggest crypto exchanges in the world. Compared with many other exchanges in the industry, it offers however only a few Assets: BTC, ETH, LTC and BCH. Many are wondering why only these four currencies are offered.

It looks like Coinbase wants to change it quite a bit. Recently, it announced that it will add the alternative Version of Ethereum, namely, Ethereum Classic of the exchanges.

The holders of Ethereum Classic (ETC) are now overjoyed and celebrate this news. The Listing gives the owners the opportunity to reach a larger audience, which will then reward expected to be holders of a digital coin through thick and thin.

Not many expected this, however, and are now speechless. Among many other questions the following: Why ETC of all the other virtual currencies? What it has to offer? Why not Ripple?

Ethereum Classic (ETC) explains

Ethereum Classic was launched in June of 2016 as a reaction to a significant Hack on the Ethereum project of DAO to life. The Ethereum Foundation saw it as properly, to create a new Version of Ethereum, which we call today, Ethereum Classic, as a mitigation strategy. As a result, the lost coins from the DAO Hack should be saved, the users were against this decision, continue to use the original currency.

Ethereum, according to Coinmarketcap, the second largest digital currency after Bitcoin, while ETC is on place 16. According to the news of the listing, ETC-prices have increased in the last 24 hours by almost 20%. We are still waiting for the communication of the company, and exactly when ETC is introduced.

ETC is the best crypto-currency, which should list Coinbase?

Some crypto enthusiasts don’t argue that Ethereum Classic is the best choice to fill the Coinbase Slot, as other successful currencies would be suitable, for example, Ripple.

On the basis of the Tradition and the Trends that can be applied in the case of such a crypto-exchanges are only selected for the most important currencies in terms of media awareness, value and efficiency. Bitcoin, of course, comes first. Then Ethereum comes in second place, followed by XRP. Not Ethereum Classic to rank 19.

Regardless of the criticism, Coinbase announced that the platform will add more crypto-currencies.

Coinbase’s new CTO, Balaji Srinivasan, who joined the company in January, said that besides the Addition of another crypto, the company currencies also explore how it is with new Blockchain features, such as, for example, Proof-of-Stake (POS), Sharding and Atomic Swaps.

The year 2018 is already in full swing, nevertheless, the development of Coinbase is on still at full speed, as well as the Aquisationen of the, Cipher Browser, Toshi, and Paradex, a trading platform.

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