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EtherCup brings the Blockchain to the FIFA football world Cup in 2018

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Of züchtbaren crypto-cats to the pixelated Punks – in the last time crypto collectibles are all the rage in the Blockchain world. During the world Cup, this has increased even more. When you search for “World Cup” or “World Cup” on State-of-the DApps you will find ten different DApps, the use of non-fungible Tokens or lottery models.

It is clear, however, that EtherCup is unique. The game was developed by two students at the Minerva schools of KGI. The game aims to connect football fans in the easiest way possible with Ethereum DApps. Furthermore, it has a very community-oriented white paper.

EtherCup offers cards with the football Teams of different countries

Source: EtherCup

EtherCup is a football card-collecting game/the action house, in each of the 32 football Teams, buy. Instead of speculating on the value of the cards, wants to EtherCup pick up a long-forgotten concept back – soccer trading cards. Using the ERC-721-Standards of the Smart Contract saves 32 football Nations cards as a uniquely identifiable Token on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Become the proud owners of Teams like Brazil, England or Germany.

Source: EtherCup

Apart from the possibility of the possession of the cards to prove that players can win during the world Cup prices. The developers of the game have collected money to the owner of the winning Teams. Currently, there is $100 in ETH.

By the Installation of the MetaMask Browser Extension, you can explore EtherCup with Fake Ether in Ropsten to the Test Network or the real Ether in the Main Network as described in this Tutorial.

May the best Team win!

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