Enzo Knol pissed off: “I have no new love’

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Enzo Knol has no new relationship. That writes the popular vlogger on Instagram after rumours in the media about a new love.

Enzo Knol

“It is a pity that I have something to say, but I do that because there is a gossip going around which, unfortunately, is picked up by the media”, writes Enzo, who last week announced that he and his girlfriend, Dee van der Zeeuw to do it again.

“No, I have no new relationship and at the moment I have no need for. I am five years together with Dee have been so please have a little respect and go no nonsense disseminate that there is a new relationship going with anyone.”

The rumors about a new love came on the corridor, when RTL reported that Enzo with an unknown woman to the South of France was gone. She was only in the reflection of his sunglasses to see in one of his vlogs. According to Enzo wanted to be the woman is not in the vlog because they might be recognized would be. “I’m always honest to my viewers, and the next time I’m someone who is not in the vlog like, I will clearly indicate to nonsense like this to avoid”, says Enzo.

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