Dua Lipa bursts into tears on stage

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Dua Lipa erupted Tuesday night during her concert in Denver, in tears. The singer had to occur early in connection with a violent ear infection.

Dua Lipa

“I’ve really tried, because I wanted to you guys a great show”, speaks Dua Lipa to the audience. “I’m sorry that I must disappoint you, but I just can’t anymore. This is not the action that I wanted to give. I’m terribly sorry, but I must stop.”

On Twitter, she gives an explanation about her situation. “I’m so sorry that I the show halfway through had to stop. I already have a couple of days of an ear infection. I thought that I would keep, but I had too much pain. Also, I would serious damage may be as high as I would go. I find it really annoying that I have to disappoint you. I had really liked the concert finished.”

Fortunately, the singer is also good news for her fans: “Keep it please, your ticket, I’m going to the concert to oppose it.”

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