Democrats, wake up!

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a 28-year-old noble unknown Latina from the Bronx, in New York with a fierce left platform of the established Joseph Crowley defeated in the Democratic race for a seat in the House. So send them the Democratic party is an unmistakable signal: embrace the progressive wing, or be ready to again be a political price to pay.

Joseph Crowley (56) did by the end of Tuesday his best to be a good sport to respond. “You have me, do not cry,” said Crowley, already since 1999, a Democratic member of the U.s. House of Representatives …

Joseph Crowley (56) did by the end of Tuesday his best to be a good sport to respond. “You have me, do not cry,” said Crowley, already since 1999, a Democratic member of the U.s. House of Representatives, and in that role, tipped as a possible successor of the Democratic oppositieleidster Nancy Pelosi. Crowley took a guitar in hand, sang the song “Born to run” and dedicated it to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the 28-year-old noble unknown from the Bronx, that made him just the reports.

The race was not even close. New York television stations put the happy shock on the face of the young progressive candidate, when they themselves have determined how large its lead over Crowley. The young Latina won the Democratic widow in New York with 57 percent. The finals guard in november: then it will send the Democratic party, in the place of veteran Crowley, in the arena, in the important mid-term mid-term losses a seat to get in the House of Representatives.

Where minorities are the majority

In retrospect it is easy to say that the unexpected victory actually was. Ocasio-Cortez illustrates that a lot of voters something else – other people, other ideas are waiting for us. She is everything that Joseph Crowley is not. The young Latina from the highly colored Bronx put very well her roots and her background in the paint. She proposed a candidate, in a district of New York, where ethnic minorities are the majority. During an at times aggressive and personal campaign she accused Crowley that is not itself living in New York City and his children go to school sends in Washington.

Ocasio-Cortez, a member of the Democratic Socialists, and in 2016 to work on the campaign of the hugely popular Bernie Sanders, went to the Democratic voter with a (for Americans) pronounced on the left discourse. She wants to fight for affordable housing in New York, she is for a general health insurance, they want the controversial border agency that migrants hunts, is lifted, and she pleads for stricter wapenwetten. Crowley is also a progressive, but one that good relations with Wall Street had. For this campaign, he raised almost three million dollars.


That financial links played Ocasio-Cortez formidable against him. The young lady fought with new, modern weapons. Her tantalizing online video went viral and her crowdfunding campaign provided 600.000 dollars in smaller donations. That will send the Democratic party – that great partijdonaties sees it as a necessary evil to get along in the American toppolitiek – the signal that it apparently can be different.


A second signal is about the complacency that many of the Democratic partijmachine blame. During her campaign called for Ocasio-Cortez the Democratic establishment, the voices of the American working class and ethnic minorities, but takes for granted. Her opponent was playing her only in the map only one time with her in a debate. ‘Crowleys voters ask themselves whether they are in the furniture to hear, ” wrote The New York Times, after Crowley for a debate again in default of appearance had let go.

The same reproach of self-sufficiency also came during the campaign for the presidential elections. Hillary Clinton visited much less arbeidersstaten than Trump, and she concentrated her efforts on other regions, because they wrongly assumed automatic win in traditionally Democratic area.

Civil war

The third, unmistakable signal regarding the ideas for which the Democrats want to fight and that they elections and hope to win. Ever since the Democratic widow, between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, waged a fierce internal battle between the partijestablishment and the progressive left wing. The ” internal civil war is not over yet.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, yet for Sanders’ campaign has worked and the support of the national platform of the progressives, the Democratic party now for the choice. Embrace finally the progressive wing and take advantage of them, or keep the ‘lefties’ as opponents. But that last option would be a substantial political risk for the opposition party, which aspires to be in november in at least one Chamber of the Congress on the Republicans to recapture.

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