Dead and 31 injured in bus in Germany

dee647a1eb3a18cf1828e9e38efd081e - Dead and 31 injured in bus in Germany

On the German motorway is an accident happened with a passagiersbus with pensioners. This is a woman to the lives and 31 others injured. That says, the police said Wednesday.

Two of the injured are serious, thus a politiewoordvoerder. The 29 others have minor injuries.

The accident happened on the autobahn 5, not far from the exit Karlsruhe, a place where often traffic. According to the initial findings would be the bus crash with a garbage truck.

The occupants may have come from Bavaria in southeast Germany. The vehicle was on the way to the south, the exact destination is unknown.

What caused the accident, is still unclear. “First and foremost we need to care for the wounded,” says a policeman.

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