David Lynch is coming back on statements Trump: “You caused suffering and division”

6dd47ac17739a4b18f4c4a5b38c18bc9 - David Lynch is coming back on statements Trump: "You caused suffering and division"

The American “Twin Peaks”director David Lynch president Donald Trump yesterday accused of “suffering and the country to share”. Thus, Lynch 180 degrees opposite of his sayings from this weekend in The Guardian, when he came across Trump said that the history could go down as one of the greatest presidents”.

The mythical director puzzled Hollywood and the progressive audience when he declared that Trump well had done the political landscape of Washington by each other to shake, because that time was. “Trump is perhaps itself not doing well, but his merit consists in that he the incompetence of all American political leaders to resolve it.” Lynch had earlier in 2016 prove to be Bernie Sanders in support and stated that he “probably” on the Libertarians had voted.

Yet retweette Trump an article in which Lynch was quoted and joked at a speech in South Carolina that Lynch’s Hollywood career is now over. Lynch explains, however, now in an open letter that his statements out of context are drawn. “You and I would have conversations and talk,” writes Lynch on Facebook. “If your so continues to continue, do not get the chance to be in the history as a great president. It seems that this really would be a pity for you and for this country. You caused a lot of suffering and discord.”

Lynch remained optimistic and gave Trump a good advice: “It is still not too late to change of course. Guide us to a better future. You can this country eenmaken. Your soul will sing. Under great and loving leadership lose, but everyone wins. Hopefully you will think about this after and you take it to heart. The only thing that you should do is treat everyone as you yourself would want to be treated.”

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