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CryptoAds Public Crowdsale starts with the announcement of the new Hardware Wallets

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As practically everyone knows in the crypto world, is the security of their Wallets one of the most critical and enduring problems. Problems Abound: Phishing, fraud, theft, Hacking – all of these risks need to be taken into account by crypto-currency owners.

Experts estimate that since the start of 2018, more than a billion dollars from crypto Wallets were stolen. The best possible solution for these threats is a Hardware-Wallet, through which users have full control. And that is exactly what the crypto-currency, CryptoAds, the digital advertising on the Blockchain, with its Marketplace with the goal of revolutionizing (token sale now

The platform offers its customers more security by giving you a small device that you can store in a safe place or to take away. The new Hardware Wallet is protected with an encrypted Private Key with a user-defined alpha-numeric password is secured, and via Bluetooth with a Computer is connected.

In the future, all the users that have more than 200 USD on your accounts be obtained, free of charge, a Hardware Wallet. The device will be given to each CryptoAds-Token-holder, the CRAD-Tokens to the value of over $ 200 during the Initial Coin Offerings are buying.

The CryptoAds Marketplace creates a digital world of advertising in which the consumer can opt for a targeted advertising. The distributors of advertising to be paid directly by the brands to host their Ads without endless broker fees that eat up Budgets,. The platform allows marketers, dynamic digital advertising strategies to introduce, by opportunities in a variety of Multimedia formats to an unlimited number of platforms offer you a wide range of Branding.

CryptoAds advertisers offers also the possibility of native Videos, or mobile In-App Ads, Standard video clips-vertical and 360-degree video display, offer, Wallpaper, or other digital advertising systems directly to sites and Apps. Co-founder of Treasury, Chidopi and TimeBox, Jason Hung, who is also a CryptoAds consultant, says that he sees a lot of potential in the ability of the project (freely translated):

“It is a System of benefit, of All. Advertisers can easily find high-quality Publisher for your content, while webmasters and other distributors target group statistics directly to potential marketing experts can deliver. At the same time, users are concerned only with the content that they are interested in. CryptoAds paves advertising the way for the future of the digital world, and I expect that it will achieve for all who take part in the launch of the platform, increasing profitability. And with their ultra-modern Hardware Wallet, you make the storage for all those Involved to be very sure – and that makes the users happy.“

CryptoAds marketplace under the idea of the same people behind the popular Callsfreecalls (CFC) VOIP App for free voice and text services for users. The original CFC platform, which globally has over 7 million users, is ported to the Blockchain System, which makes the B2C aspect of the project to a strong System and it’s App users will enable a variety of offers from advertisers.

This means that users can access other services, such as video content or In-Game products, or the opportunity to advance in your favorite game, if you look at the Ads that are placed on the CryptoAds Dashboard. The platform will also contain a Software Development Kit (SDK) that third parties can download, in order to integrate CryptoAds in their own Apps, so you can offer your users the same Service.

The Blockchain technology allows the Team the transparent Smart-Contract to integrate technology in your System. Intermediaries are frequently taking the lion’s share of the budget of a campaign, are virtually eliminated. The System allows all the participants to rate each other, based on the performance and the value of the deals. Advertisers and distributors can then make informed decisions about what they Offered want to interact with.

The project will use the CRAD-Utility-tokens, the currently on sale to the public until 16. July is available. The founder and CEO of CryptoAds, Oleksii Vinogradov, explained that he had decided the ICO to hold to the users to expand the basis of:

“It is an exciting process. We are currently launching our public “ICO”, and we have already received many offers to form strategic partnerships with various other Blockchain-companies that share our Vision and positioning could support our product on the market. This shows me that what we have to offer, will fill a critical gap in the Ecosystem.“

For more information about CryptoAds see token

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