Colombia once again glyphosate against cocaplantages

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Colombia, the world’s largest producer of cocaine, is again drones committed to glyphosate to spray over illegal cocaplantages. That made president Juan Manuel Santos Tuesday announced. In 2017 reached the coca farming is still a record in the South American country.

The spraying of glyphosate against illegal cocaplantages is controversial. In October 2015, the programme after fifteen years shut down because of the negative consequences for the health of people and animals, and the environment. Tuesday announced outgoing president Santos, however, that the program continues will be. He stressed, however, that the discharge is from a lower altitude and with a concentration of pesticide that are 50 percent lower, it will happen.

Santos’ decision comes a day after the publication of a report of the American drugsbestrijdingsbureau the ONDCP (Office of National Drug Control Policy). That claimed that the coca farming in Colombia in 2017 a new record reached with 209.000 hectares, more than 11 percent more than a year earlier. At the same time, also took the cocaine production in the South American country increased by almost a fifth, from 772 to 921 tonnes, also a record.

When the vernevelingen re-start, made Santos is not known. His minister of Defence, Luis Carlos Villegas, hoped that Wednesday, all resumes would be.

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