Chrissy Teigen open about IVF treatment

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Chrissy Teigen has, after a photo of her five-week-old son Miles on Instagram posted, responded in a somewhat ’cheeky’ comment from one of her followers. “I know that you are your daughter Luna through IVF have been given, is that even when Miles have been the case?”, ushered in the post. Although this is a very personal thing, let the wife of John Legend yet.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

“I feel not attacked, people are just curious, and a story with a good outcome, people can also hope for. I’m a big proponent of openly speaking about IVF,” says Chrissy. Also son Miles, thanks to an IVF treatment received.

The presenter has never made any secret that she and John had difficulties to get pregnant, even though she was sometimes tired of the many questions ’when there is now finally a little’, after the two were married.

In February, said Chrissy against People Magazine: “I’ve chosen to be again the IVF route to go, after the birth of our daughter Luna. Surely you want as many eggs and embryos, because I don’t do this the rest of my life want to do.”

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