Cardi B’s absurd babyshower

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The babyshower of Cardi B was anything but sweet and babyachtig. It seemed rather at a night club, with the mother in the making who, despite her pregnancy good uitleefde.

Nothing is Cardi B crazy enough

By default, it was not to be called. The babyshower started late on the Tuesday night. Spouse Offset, was employed as a cameraman for the memorable party on video, which TMZ also images.

Next to the dance floor had the rapper her name is done with a complete Bardi Baby Bodega filled with drinks, desserts and babyspulletjes. No wonder that the party therefore got the name: Bardi Shower: A Bronx Fairytale. In any event, the artist nevertheless also committed itself well of its task as the mother, to discharge: there was also a complete library with all sorts of babyboeken.

No, whether a baby shower or not, by default, are the party of Cardi B wasn’t. Previously posted the star on Instagram is already a video in which she danced with her husband Offset on a romantic number, sprinkled with notes due to their rich friends.

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