Bullets found in garden Anick Berghmans

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There Is more news on the arrest of ships from Lommel. Tuesday was Anick Berghmans, ex-contestant on Big Brother in 2002, was arrested. With the arrest, there seems to be a breakthrough in the investigation into the plague of plofkraken that the past few weeks, our country ravaged.
Not only Berghmans was Tuesday morning was arrested, her friend Y. B. – who is also the dj was – was arrested. It is still but the question is to what extent Berghmans is involved in this case and how the police car has discovered.

Wednesday appears Berghmans for the investigating judge in Tongeren. That will be the fate of Berghmans decide, but the chance is big that they held will be. According to The Latest News would its theft and burglary and bendevorming be charged.

That are pretty heavy accusations, but the facts where Berghmans involved as possible, of roads, of course, also heavy. According to had Berghmans and her friend, ” severe problems with alcohol and drugs. After the arrest, have allowed the researchers Berghmans her ruffle sleep. “She was under the influence and not able to respond”, know The latest News.

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