Boerkaverbod in the Netherlands

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There comes a boerkaverbod’ in the Dutch education and health care, in public buildings and on public transport.

The senate voted Tuesday in a partial ban ‘on the wearing of gezichtsbedekkende clothes’. This includes, theoretically, so also bivakmutsen and integraalhelmen. GroenLinks, SP, D66 and PvdA voted against the motion. The support in the Senate for the proposal was less than the end of 2016 in the Second Room. When voted only D66, GroenLinks and the current Think-Mps Öztürk and Kuzu.

The motion relates only to employees in the public – individual businesses may own their house rules determine. In the motion included that the law after three years must be assessed by the Second Chamber. It should also be considered how the legislation in the foreign country is performed.

‘Righteous balance’

The SP and the PvdA have problems with the burqa, but finding a legal prohibition is not necessary. The Labour party finds it in conflict with the freedom of religion.

The proposal was submitted by the cabinet Rutte II. Minister of Home Affairs Kajsa Ollongren (D66) with the proposal ‘a fair balance’ is struck between the freedom for you to dress and the general importance of communication and safety”.

France, Belgium and Denmark already have a ban on gezichtsbedekkende clothing. None of the countries decided to have a specific ban on burqa’s (gauze before the eyes) and nikabs (eyes visible), because this is possible to be in conflict with the law on the freedom of religion.

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