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Bitcoin Cash under the microscope: chain feed, a Twitter Bot, and

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With the last Hard Fork on may 15. May, the block size is enlarged in the Bitcoin-to-Cash network to 32 megabytes. Since then, the Developer “Unwriter” three applications, and merging, among other things, the Blockchain, and Twitter.

Bitcoin Cash was born on 1. August 2017, in the light of the crypto world. With a starting size of 8 MB per Block, the project was separated at the time of Bitcoin, and quickly led to Controversy in the Community. The dispute about the “real” Bitcoin project continues. This prevents the Bitcoin-to-Cash community, your project. The latest Hard Fork of the block size increased to 32 megabytes, came in may. The obtained block size, motivated the developer “Unwriter” to develop three new applications for Bitcoin Cash: chain feed, the Twitter-Bot @_opreturn and

Chain Feed – The Blockchain-Newsfeed

Chain feed is a global news feed that displays all of the messages that are created in the Bitcoin-to-Cash network, in real-time. The Tool logs all OP_Return transactions on the BCH-Chain and delivers the data to the user on the side of the client. You scroll through the Interface, you’ll see all the transactions that take place. Users have the ability to filter the messages so that you can find, for example, only OP_Return transactions that are tied to specific applications such as block press. The data can be via a Link share or bookmark it.

The Twitter-Bot ‘_opreturn’: connect Twitter and Blockchain

The Twitter Bot @_opreturn is a program that the chain feed-firehouse-used API to record messages in real time sent on the BCH-Chain. The messages are then replicated on Twitter by the Twitter API. The Bot has posted, in the meantime, 3.435 Tweets and 119 Followers behind gathered (as of: 27.06.2018). Watchlist for the Wallet-Monitoring

As the third Unwriter “” finally, the application written. The application takes all the to BCH-focused Social Media Accounts, block press, and the Memo and developed a platform. This allows it to manage all connected BCH-Wallets in one place. Besides, it enables, Wallets, Public Keys instead of Private Keys to add. also created a Watchlist, so that users can monitor the actions of the Accounts and the deposits on the sites.

Read.Cash: Wallet-Monitoring _opreturn: Blockchain-Twitter-Bot chain feed: Blockchain-Newsfeed

All applications are Open-Source. Both the Code and the descriptions can be viewed on Github.

The Bitcoin-to-Cash rate is currently at 603 euros. So he must cope with a 3.6 per cent loss within 24 hours. In the weekly review this is roughly 20 percent, over the month of nearly 21 percent. (27.06. 12:00 am)

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