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Bitcoin and Altcoins continue to fall, when the bull market returns?

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In the week in review only 5 crypto-currencies from the Top 100 according to market capitalisation (excluding Tether) is in the positive area for the past seven days. Also this week, the bear dominates the crypto market. A lot of questions now, what time is now, finally, the reversal of the trend, and the return of the bull market?

Only Skycoin (+ 18 %)*, Bytom (+ 28 %)*, Ontology (+ 46 %)*, Mithril (+ 348 %)* , XPA (+ 377 %)* over the past seven days. The market capitalization of the entire cryptocurrency market saw a further drop of about 325 billion to 254 billion USD.

In our article of Thursday evening, we have already reported in great detail about our opinion of the events and the reasons that could drive the market currently. We have discussed, to what extent has the crypto-currency market, although Similarities to the Dotcom bubble of 2002, Bitcoin, or Ethereum are still no bubble. In addition, we have a number of Considerations when it may lead to the reversal of the trend and the next “Bull-Run”.

Bitcoin and crypto market is plummeting: now Comes the great crypto Crash?

These Considerations, we want to lead at this point a little further. Ran Neuner, host of CNBC Africa’s Crypto Trader, has found on the subject of Dotcom bubble vs. crypto bubble is also a very good comparison, namely, the historic Nasdaq Composite Chart.

The Nasdaq Composite is the largest stock index of the largest electronic stock exchange in the United States, the NASDAQ. In him, over 3,000 companies are currently, predominantly from the technology sector, listed. At the time of the Dotcom bubble, the booming Tech company listed in NASDAQ.

If you look at the historical Price performance of the NASDAQ since 1990

and compares the course with the price of the Bitcoin can be great Similarities in the course observed.

Only of the period in which the price fluctuations, Bitcoin is much shorter. The NASDAQ Composite is 1990, of about 700 points to 6,500 points at the end of the 90’s exploded years, to 2002, when the Dotcom bubble burst, falling to just over 1,500 points. The Nasdaq peaked in September 2002, the bottom of the valley and needed then two attempts to squirm out of this resolution. To the editors of the time the NASDAQ Composite is in excess of 7,000 points and was able to quintuple its value so fast.

What is the crypto market from the Dotcom you can learn bubble?

From our point of view, it is important to understand that the development of a revolutionary technology, as is currently the case, for example, the Blockchain technology has unleashed in the history of a massive speculative run that led to a massive crash. As a result, companies and projects that had a sustainable business model and a real application case, in order to eliminate a Problem survived.

If crypto-currencies really will suffer a similar fate as the Dotcoms, it remains to be seen. At least currencies of all Stakeholders, in particular the companies and developers behind the Crypto, but also investors learn from the past and the outcome of decisive influence.

To the topic, when and how of the next bull market is triggered, and also the famous Twitter Influencer Armin van Bitcoin. So how we he believes that there is a need for a larger “event”, to the reversal of the trend. Then there will be, in his opinion, but no.

In this sense, we continue to be optimistic that the COP can win in the next time again have the upper hand, to hear from a number of countries in the past few weeks, to positive signals and messages for crypto-currencies.

The winner of the week*

Ontology (+ 44%)*

Ontology is with + 44 per cent for us, the biggest winner of the week. In addition to the crypto-currencies from the rear, Mithril and XPA, Ontology is the largest percentage winner for the week.

The XPA-rate has risen in the last week several times perpendicular to the top and partially also like. This indicates, in our opinion, much on a Pump-and-Dump, especially because the volume of trade rises abruptly and falls.

About the reasons of the Ontology rise we have reported in this article:

Crypto market is moving sideways, EOS and Ontology rise sharply

Bytom (+ 26 Percent)*

The Bytom rates rose this week, contrary to the market trend of 26 percent. The price of BTM is to the editors ‘ time in 0,387016499 Euro. The market capitalization amounts to 382 million euros. Thus, Bytom ranks # 28 in the Ranking according to market capitalization.

The Bytom project wants to create a global exchange of not only digital Assets, but also assets of the real economy can be traded.

The goal of Bytom is to connect the digital world with the physical world. The project intends to be a decentralized network in which various digital and physical assets and traded on a registered.

With the platform Bytom wants to be the world’s largest dedicated public Blockchain platform, which combines the different asset classes, with the Blockchain and the liquidity, safety, and the value of these investments increases.

Advantage of this solution is that Bytom released all of the information of the investors on the Blockchain, so that complex formalities be abolished upon the transfer of ownership of assets.

Outlook for the following week – KW 14

Also this week, we would like to inform our views about what data will be in the next week is important or even informative.


The Team behind the crypto-currency Cardano is on 05. April (Thursday) a Roadmap Update.


Monero is on 06. April 2018 to Upgrade its Software to publish, which prevents ASIC miners can contribute to the Monero Mining network. About the Details and background we have already reported in this article:

Monero released Update, to go to war to ASIC Miner


As Daniel Larimer, the founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at EOS Telegram has announced the Release of Dawn 3.0 on 06. April 2018 to take place.

Probably the rates are not down loss of EOS in the past week, as strong, as is the case with other crypto currencies as the expectations for the Release have supported the price of EOS. What is Dawn 3.0 and what Changes does the Upgrade, we have already the end of January, as the first Alpha-test version was released, reported:

EOS is on the way to the Ethereum Killer? Dawn 3.0 Alpha Release

* The percentages are based on the time of writing

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