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Apparently, problems with Binance after System Upgrade

9b8ef59775da3913743172bfc9c9c274 - Apparently, problems with Binance after System Upgrade


In the implementation of an upgrade of the Exchange Binance problems occurred. The trade and the payout of crypto-currencies has been temporarily suspended longer than from the beginning was planned. In the meantime, the problems have been fixed.

The crypto-Exchange Binance has on 26. June, a previously announced Upgrade schedule. Already at the weekend it is announced, this Tuesday, to 2 am UTC for a time, Trading and withdrawals to suspend. Overall, the process should take about 4 hours. It came to seem to complications. Thus, the functions of the page were significantly longer locked as announced.

In the course of the day, it was known that the Upgrade was extended. It was said, the Team work to bring the System as quickly as possible Running again. The users of the platform was given 30 minutes of time, and existing orders to withdraw, before the Trading is resumed.

Update run, however, more restricted

By about 9:30 PM UTC could be reported that it has completed the Update. The Trading activities, however, could not be carried out as usual. A short time later Binance issued a further notification. It said:

“Due to a warning prior to a preliminary examination of our risk management system, we will postpone the resumption of Trades and payouts. Please stay tuned for more information on it. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.“

Only an hour later, the message that all the functions are active again came. The Trading started at 20 UTC, the withdrawals were scheduled for one to two hours later.

What exactly triggered the complications, is not clear from the announcements of Binance clearly. On the Morning of the 27. June worked the site of the Exchange, however, is flawless.

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