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Altcoin-market analysis KW26 – Tether in the Top 10

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The total market capitalisation has fallen to 217 billion euros. All the crypto in the Top 10 currencies of course had to cope with losses, where Bitcoin fell to the lowest. In the context of this course, if TRON has fallen under the Tether, so that now the Stablecoin is part of the Top 10.

NAme Price in Euro Market capitalization in billion Euro Change of course within the week, in percent Course evaluation Support in Euro Resistance in Euro
Bitcoin 5.311,99 90,92 -7,78 neutral KEUR 5,663,78 4.674,32
Ethereum 385,71 38,69 -14,03 rather bearish 361,15 414,46
Ripple 0,41 16,08 -11,58 neutral 0,38 0,43
Bitcoin Cash 639,49 11,00 -15,84 rather bearish 570,50 685,00
EOS 6,92 6,20 -23,69 neutral 5,92 7,76
Litecoin 69,66 3,98 -17,29 neutral 63,26 75,81
Stellar 0,17 3,11 -17,57 neutral 0,15 0,18
Cardano 0,11 2,94 -19,19 rather bearish 0,10 0,13
IOTA 0,85 2,36 -16,57 rather bearish 0,76 0,92
Tether 0,85 2,31 -0,17

Shows the price development of ten crypto-currencies with highest market capitalization, which is expressed in billion euros. For crypto-currencies, which are not currently directly in Euro exchangeable, the respective trading pair with the US Dollar as a Basis and converted into Euro.

The courses developed in this week, more negative. Only five of the crypto-currencies within the Top 100 were able to achieve price increases. Within the Top 10, all crypto is currently currencies. In the context of this price fall is to be feared, as in the last week, tethered to the circle of ten crypto-currencies with highest market capitalization increased. For that, TRON has left the Top-10.

Of course, this was due to the fact that the Tether “to the moon”. Rather, the market capitalization of the Tether is increased by increasing the Tether Supplies and the price of the other Crypto-like currency. Because Tether is not a speculation object, specified in the above table overview, course assessments, Supports or Resistances for this Stablecoin. Similarly, it is ignored in terms of Performance.

The market capitalization is at least fallen in the last week, according to 241 billion euros to 217 billion euros.

Similar to last week, not many of the so-hoped-for soil formation. As noted elsewhere, it will take something before about Bitcoin again from a bull market. Similar to the other crypto currencies have to say. Currently you can see in many courses, a temporary plateau formation, before you open a Position, you should wait and see how the price behaves at the specified Supports or Resistances.

Best price development: Bitcoin (BTC)

Out of the Triangle Pattern a few weeks ago, a solid has a downward channel. The exponential moving average EMA100 is currently an impenetrable Resistance, the price of Bitcoin bounces off since may. Nevertheless, the rate falls in comparison to the other crypto-currencies within the Top 10 (with the exception of the Tether) at the least. Compared to last week, Bitcoin had to lose “only” just under 8 percent. However, this is also on a Rebound, the course of the night from the 24. on the 25. June, over 5,000 euros raised.

The MACD is negative but rising, while the RSI for a few days to the 45. Together with the divergence between price development and the development of the indicators, MACD and RSI, the overall result is a neutral image. Accordingly, one should wait until the price is below the Support at 4.674,32 Euro or the Resistance kEUR 5,663,78 Euro has moved to, and then a Short or Long Position open. Who wants to gamble, can car a Short Position, in which the Target is located at the height of the Support from the down channel and the Stop Loss at the EMA50, which is currently found at 5.460,83 Euro.

Worst course development: EOS

EOS is currently not good. The scandals around the Block Producer lead to uncertainty and disappointment of the investors, so that the EOS price fell this week alone to almost 24 percent. Although it has been tested in the past the EMA50 more often, so far, this Resistance could not be overcome.

The negative, but rising MACD with a RSI of 39, a rather lot of bids due soon image. Currently, the Opening a Position is not. You could wait until the price above the Resistance at 7.76 euros increased. Then we could open a Long Position, the Stop Loss is at the height of the EMA50, and the Target at EMA100, at the moment at € 8.56.

Stability of the Top 10

The distance between the Tether and TRON is 0.4 percent. Between Tether and IOTA only 2 percent. The probability that some on the rear seats does. But between the Stellar and Cardano, only a distance of 6 percent, is that only currencies here are also a lot of a Flippening between these two Crypto is missing.

Winners and losers in the course of fall

On average, all crypto are like currencies of 13 per cent. The majority of crypto currencies so it is worse performing than Bitcoin. For the Top 100 is even a little more extreme: they are, on average, fallen by 16 percent.

Within the Top 100, only four crypto could currencies show positive developments. With Centrality, Theta Token, Enigma and Cortex of primary unknown crypto currencies were represented. Ethereum Classic is a more well-known exception, which may, however, have only a rate increase of 2 percent.

Loser of the week Bytom, Fusion, Bytecoin and cyber miles, each of which had to cope with a loss Rate of about 30 percent.

A total of 88 percent of the crypto-currencies within the Top 100 with a worse Performance than Bitcoin. The market share of Bitcoin is correspondingly increased and is now 42 percent.

Disclaimer: The presented on this page, rate estimates do not constitute buy or sell recommendations. They are merely an assessment of the analysts.

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