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Also German press can world cup elimination hardly believe it: “But we deserved no better’

c025c59f3f9864e4506f88c014467d42 - Also German press can world cup elimination hardly believe it: "But we deserved no better’

In Germany is full of dismay, responded to the elimination of die Mannschaft. “But we deserved no better’, could boulevardkrant Bild only notice. Raus, Raus, Raus!

Disbelief! Despair! Disappointing! The elimination of the reigning world champion is also in Germany very hard arrived. This was not one German seen it coming. Be the last one in a paper an easy group, it will be the Germans quite some time to get out of this uppercut to recover.

According to Bild – Germany’s most popular newspaper – was the shutdown is not even undeserved. ‘Get out! But those plays, deserves no better’, was immediately read on the website of the newspaper. Also the voetbalweekblad Kicker speaks of a historic shutdown.

Even the high estimated Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung has of shut down a main subject. ‘Der Deutsche Untergang’ is the headline in the renowned newspaper.

“Deutschland ist raus’ says Spiegel Online. Also for the online analysts is clear: ‘Ideeënloos and nonchalant’ is the beenharde analysis. ‘A historic disaster’, says state broadcaster ARD, the defeat together. The impact to summarize: ARD decided to 20.15 pm, a special broadcast dedicated to the defeat and the accompanying elimination of the German team.

Don’t mention the VAR

Abroad with as much disbelief on the elimination of the Germans. The assertion that football is a game and that in the end the Germans always win, for once and for all buried. The biggest schadenfreude is there in England, traditionally not a big friend of the German football players. ‘Don’t mention the VAR’, jokes boulevardkrant The Sun, referring to the goal that South Korea, the match decided. The statement is a reference to a quote from John Cleese in the classic British tv series Fawlty Towers.

The Mirror has it become a humiliation for the world champion who is the England easier might make.

Also in France (L’equipe) and Spanja (Marca) is the elimination of the Germans in disbelief welcomed, albeit on a slightly beschaafdere way than in The Sun.

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