Albania rejects European vluchtelingencentrum off

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Albania wants on its territory a centre of the European Union where migrants can be accommodated. “We will never to such a European refugee camp to accept,” says the Albanian prime minister Edi Rama to the German newspaper Bild. Even if the EU in exchange membership awards to his country, he would have the proposal rejected. Rama is fundamentally opposed to ‘the somewhere to dump of desperate people as a toxic waste that nobody wants’.

According to Rama, Albania is willing to contribute to deliver to European countries to help, but his country can not provide all the problems. It is ‘a dangerous solution to Albania the breakwater for the European refugees,’ he says.

Tuesday convert the European Affairs ministers of the European Union, under pressure from Germany the green light to accession talks to start with Macedonia and Albania. Speculation is that this decision is connected with the call of several European leaders to economic migrants and refugees in centres outside the EU to absorb and excrete. Albania, but also in Tunisia, in the corridors named as a candidate host country.

The European leaders will review Thursday and Friday during an Eu summit in Brussels on asylum and migration policy. The negotiations are also decisive for the survival of the German government, where the Bavarian conservative CSU chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) to the top of the time given to bilateral readmission agreements with other European countries. You don’t, then threatens CSU-minister of Home Affairs, Horst Seehofer, the German borders close to asylum-seekers already registered in another member state.

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