Aaron Carter: “my goal is to be daddy to be’

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Aaron Carter last year had still two months in rehab, but the 30-year-old singer says now get ready for a private family. The younger brother of Nick Carter really wants daddy to be.

Aaron Carter

“I keep my body, mind and soul healthy, so that the person with whom I ever had together will be, a man who has his affairs in order,” writes Aaron in a photo where he is bare-chested and just a towel around his waist. “I understand life and love. I would like a daddy.”

It is not the first time that the singer and his desire to speak to ever father-to-be. “I have also thought about adoption. I want so children. It is my goal to be a father. I am now 30 and it is my intention to have children not to get.”

“But I don’t want to all of a child. I am looking for a beautiful woman or man, because we can then together be able to have children. However, it must be with the right person. My father began on his thirtieth to children, so I must hurry!”

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