YouTube prepares to comedy with Kirsten Dunst and George Clooney for

The video platform YouTube Premium has a comedy with very dark humor ordered. That would be co-produced by George Clooney and Kirsten Dunst, she would also be starring in play. That writes AFP on the basis of a dichtgeplaatste source.

With two of the biggest names in Hollywood to work together, shows the subsidiary of Google that in addition to the other giants like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu wants to play, in anticipation of the arrival of Apple on this market of high-quality audiovisual productions.

The series, entitled “On Becoming a God in Central Florida,” whose release is expected next year, in the American culture of entrepreneurship and the pursuit of ‘The American Dream’ by a young woman. The plot will be in the 90’s.

The video platform ‘youtube ‘ Red’ was ‘Premium’ and already has at least one success on the counter this year: “Cobra Kai”, inspired by the “Karaté Kid”saga. The first episode was more than 40 million views since may 2, went online and it forced the station to a second season order.

YouTube Premium, that by the end of 2015 was launched, also includes an online music platform and the business model of YouTube to develop, which is now almost exclusively based on ads.

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