You may lean Domien not ’gaunt’

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NPO 3FM dj Domien Verschuuren has Tuesday heaped loads of criticism on him, got after it on social media, the result showed the twelve weeks intensive training. A part of his followers was not very impressed and felt that he better have some kilos to.

Domien Verschuuren is happy with his trained body, but not with the comment on it

“Dear all. Thanks for the comments! Nice to see that people here something find. And that is totally okay! But comments like ’scary skinny’, ’go eat!’, ’gaunt’ and ’manorexia’ smell to unabashed bodyshaming”, so responded Domien on Instagram on all the responses. “Bodyshaming is for losers. Think a little before you with your trigger-fingers on the ’places’ button. I can be fine, but the world is bigger than your own bubble.”

Domien posted Tuesday morning a before-and-after-photo of his own upper body. Together with a few hundred listeners, he was taken up the challenge in three months ‘ time, healthy eating and fitness. So he left the rolls, croquette and stuffed pies are and he spent a lot of time in the gym. In total, it fell ochtendjock of 3FM six kilos.

“Of course, I am very satisfied with the result, but know secretly that it had. Wider, more muscled. But that had also meant that I had to look on power supply (should be bursting with food is purely to use as a fuel) and instead of three times, four times, I have to train. Could have been, but I would also like to léuk keep,” says Domien.

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