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World cup 2018 – FIFA fined two German provocative staff

448e33d0c85b4883cd02d9ef13b6a2c8 - World cup 2018 - FIFA fined two German provocative staff

The Wereldvoetbalbond FIFA has two German staff members fined and warned about their behaviour after the narrow victory against Sweden on Saturday at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS. Ulricht Voigt of the media department and team leader, Georg Behlau of the German football association DFB received Tuesday by the FIFA imposed a fine of 5,000 Swiss francs (about 4.331 million).

Both staff members provoceerden the Swedish bank after the winning hit by Toni Duckweed deep in the injury time, after the goal to the bank of Sweden to run and to cheer. It led to angry reactions and a lot of turmoil down the line.

The DFB had already intervened. The two affected staff members may Wednesday not in the stadium show during the last team contest against South Korea.

The Swedish official Jan Gustavsson received a warning from FIFA for his role in the incident.

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