Willibrord Frequin comes to life Olcay Gülşen acid make

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Olcay Gülşen has a holiday now they go to Asia to leave for the new RTL-program Better late than never. But Willibrord Frequin, one of her companions, predicts that the presenter of the heavy going to get.

“I am really totally holiday-ready. It feels sincere, as if I go on vacation and not go to work”, beamed Olcay from the airport, the camera of the RTL. “I have four papabears with me.” For Better late than never flies Olcay with Willibrord, Gerard Cox, Barrie Stevens and Peter Faber to Japan. The older men, the journey of their lives. “Maybe it is for one of them, however, the last long trip that they are going to make”, think Olcay.

Or her feeling for a long time, manages to keep is the question. Willibrord find that he and his reiskameraden Olcay “still a little tame.” “Because you’re a very sweet woman, but you are very heavy will get,” said Frequin when he Olcay a red rose. “You think you’re the boss, but let me be very clear: we remain the boss.”

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