’Weghorst at a better time away than Kluivert’

1ee29829baebffa1dbf6a6d9e60d9b76 - ’Weghorst at a better time away than Kluivert’

VfL Wolfsburg is the perfect club for Wout Weghorst”, thinks AZ-icon Kees Kist.

The German league suits the character of Wout Weghorst.

The German powerhouse hopes Weghorst soon to present, has a multi-year contract ready for the 25-year-old striker and is reportedly prepared an amount of eleven million euros down to count. “Weghorst is a gladiator, a guy with a lot of character in its thunder. That fits there,” assures old-striker’s Chest.

It is intended that Weghorst coming weekend, during the first training, all on the pitch at Wolfsburg. The Volkswagenclub see in Weghorst a new Bas Dost, between 2012 and 2016 was active in the German club and then 36 goals made in 85 matches.

“Dost has done well there and I think Weghorst that also in itself. If I have a boy like Justin Kluivert at AS Roma, see the signs, I think: so, that’s early. But at Weghorst I think that he is here.”

The vertrekwens of the attacker, who via FC Emmen and Heracles from AZ came to be, was already known. The diligent Weghorst made this season, 27 goals in 37 official matches and wants nothing more than a transfer. Wolfsburg, he sees as a good intermediate step on the way to a top club. He comes to Wolfsburg also three compatriots against: Riechedly Bazoer, Paul Verhaegh and Jeffrey Bruma. At AZ is Weghorst until mid-2020.

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