WAD brings Area to life

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It is the largest premiere for a Dutch nature film ever, with space for more than two thousand visitors. WAD, survive on the border of water and land from the hand of the filmmaker and ecologist Ruben Smit (The New Wilderness) is the first film about the Dutch Wadden sea region.

Also the location of the premiere on 1 October is special: the screen is located in a reconstructed mudflats in the WTC complex in Leeuwarden. The film according to Smit, ’international pictures’ already has interest from abroad aroused, among others, from Canada and Germany; possibly, they want to film there release.

A team of fifteen people in four years time five hundred hours of footage collected. Currently, the final touches are being put to the assembly. “We are up to at the border had gone from what was possible,” says Smith. “We have images that have never been made.” So, the film shows rare meteorological phenomena such as the northern lights, the birth of seals and the incredible life under water in the nature reserve.


The director wants more attention for the Wadden sea, because he is worried about the survival of it. The extraction of the salt, sand and gas in such a rare and fragile area is the biggest threat, according to Smith. “There should be a clear vision to be developed. The economic activities should be a low priority, or be completely stopped. Otherwise it will be the next generation in the Wadden sea region have, as we know it.”

Especially the music in the film. The musicians were taken during the filming for inspiration. This was the music in certain scenes directing for the assembly, instead of vice versa.

People may be starting Tuesday, tickets for the premiere on 1 October in Leeuwarden, or wait until the movie is in the cinema from October 4.

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