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VRT-utility vehicles are under fire

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All of the VRT-workers can be a part of their gross salary to trade for a car. According to The Morning, the range on resistance. The VRT stresses that the offering fits in with a broader plan intended to make the fleet greener.

The board of directors of the VRT continued to Monday the green light for the new wagenbeleid. That move fits in with the sustainability plan of the VRT. ‘We make mobility more sustainable and greener’, it sounds at the VRT. It also teleworking is encouraged and people are also given the opportunity to lease. From now on, so there is the possibility of a company car ‘to buy’, without a fuel card though. The cars have an eco score of at least 68 to achieve, so that only gasoline, electric and hybrid vehicles are possible.

Today, the VRT 230 many salariswagens. Reserved for, among others, executives, middle managers, different schermgezichten and technicians who are often on the move work.

According to the VRT fits in the new plan the greening of the mobility. “A significant part of our staff members work on irregular hours, or as often on the track,” says VRT spokesman Bob Vermeir. ‘Now they are doing that with their own car, which in practice is often a polluting diesel car. This plan gives them the chances that polluting car in trade for a greener one.’ Vermeir stresses that the car scheme is part of a larger mobility plan.

Two of the three trade unions (ACOD and VSOA) and the opposition Green resisted the offer, now the debate about commercial vehicles opklinkt.

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