Vandals destroy rainbow zebra crossing in Paris

6ccd608bb4e9b9f932a36badfd061fb1 - Vandals destroy rainbow zebra crossing in Paris

Paris this weekend for a gaypride, but there is not everyone set up. A rainbow zebra crossing in the city was by the end of Tuesday overcoated with a homophobic message.

Several French cities were the past few weeks was shocked by homophobic vandalism. In the centre of Nantes, for instance, a staircase in rainbow colours, partly painted over, and in Metz was an outdoor exhibition by Olivier Ciappa, with photos of, among other homokoppels smeared with homophobic tags.

Also Paris is not spared from such vandalism. A zebra crossing in rainbow colours on a crossroads in the Marais, revealed on the occasion of the ‘la marche des fiertés’ Saturday takes place in the city of light, was by the end of Tuesday painted over with white paint. In addition, wrote the vandals, the not miss out on understanding the message ‘LGBT people hors de France’, LGBT people does not belong in France.

Mayor Anne Hidalgo has announced that the action has not remained unpunished. The tag was removed immediately, and also the pedestrian crossing was again as soon as possible carried out in rainbow colours. “We will be there even a few new ones to add,” says Hidalgo, which indicates that such actions demonstrate that event as the gaypride still very necessary.

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