UN: Army Mali executes 12 civilians at a market

10a3ed9fdc2c4d7c926a981ca9a5c6be - UN: Army Mali executes 12 civilians at a market

BAMAKO – Malian soldiers who were involved in the fight against islamist militants who have without any form of trial, twelve citizens were executed on a cattle market in the southern city of Boulkessy. The UN mission Minusma said that this is proved by research.

Minusma began an investigation after reports that Malian forces, civilians were killed. According to the UN mission, the Malian military to the executions proceeded as retaliation for a military that an attack had been killed. Minusma has the results of the research to the Malian government.

Mali was in 2012 overrun by jihadists. That would, then again withdrew, but are not final reports. The United Nations try with Minusma, the security and the stability in the West African country to recover. The netherlands, since april 2014 a contribution to the mission and continues until the end of 2018.

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