“Ukraine spied on the Netherlands for MH17’

bc9f154922d84ccab81f3191e735dfc2 - "Ukraine spied on the Netherlands for MH17’

The Ukrainian secret service, the Dutch officials in Ukraine after the downing of flight MH17 spied. Reports that RTL News on the basis of well-informed sources. The netherlands and Ukraine cooperate in the investigation into the disaster.

The Dutch got to do with eavesdropping equipment in hotel rooms and spyware to information of computers to steal, says RTL News. At the Dutch embassy were special booths for confidential calls. Beyond that would not have been safe.

Dozens of Dutch agents, military personnel, employees of the Public Ministry and diplomats have been active in Ukraine in the aftermath of the disaster. It came on 17 July 2014 a total of 298 people, including 196 Dutch. The plane was shot down above Eastern Ukraine where Russia-backed rebels fought against the Ukrainian military.

Russia also spied on, according to RTL News, the Dutch.

The Dutch government let know in a comment that ” it is conceivable it was that other parties of information to collect’. In the mountains of the wreck are various security measures taken to espionage.

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