Twente should agent still over 6 million euro pay

738ef13ce959f62643879fb23a1c3798 - Twente should agent still over 6 million euro pay

The international sporttribunaal CAS has determined that FC Twente is still millions of euro’s must be paid to the agent of Jesus Corona.

Jesus Corona

Corona stepped in the summer of 2015 to FC Porto. With the transfer of the Mexican footballer was at that time a sum of more than 10 million euros.

The CAS has determined that Twente 6.3 million euros for the transfer of Matthias Bunge, the agent of Corona. Bunge made over that amount three years ago, agreements with Joop Munsterman and Aldo van der Laan, the now departed directors of the club from Enschede.

According to TC Tubantia is the money is not immediately due and payable by Bunge. He will be with his company the hallway to the Dutch court to the amount still to get.

FC Twente let in a statement to know that it is not to pay will increase because one of the companies that Bunge in this transfer it has used in been linked to ’schuldwitwassen’.

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