This is the big bad guy in the season finale of Family

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Where is Stan and what is the fugitive Friday plan in the season finale of Family? It should be at this moment the most frequently asked question in the viewers of Family. Stan has over the past months seriously hung. The way he is in the soap, his former girlfriend Evy Hermans stalkte, there was according to a lot of viewers about and, especially, nerve-wracking and tedious. May be there Friday an end of that long storyline when Stan…. That writing would be the voltage dropping and of course that is not the intention. ‘Stan is the most hated person in soapland’, writes Day All this week, it is Kristof Verhassel that this role is already a few years plays. The role of Stan is actually in stark contrast with whom Kristof Verhassel really is: “I’m really not hurt a fly,” laughs Kristof in this. And still have a lot of viewers afraid of Stan. At this moment nobody knows where Stan posted and what he is planning. Stan has made himself the past few months, not loved. He was waving Hanne few weeks ago by accident of the way and carries Hanne may still be a long time the consequences of. The chances are that Stan during the season finale, hard strikes. His ex Evy and her new love Maarten must be on their guard, particularly because Stan is in the biggest secret, a weapon bought. His gaze dropped there last week there be no doubt: he is ready for action. But what’s he going to do? Will Stan Evy, try to turn off and emerged Maarten to great hero in an attempt to to save his girlfriend? Bekoopt Maarten that heroic deed with his life? Opportunities abound, we may Friday the answer to these questions know.

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