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The miracle is a fact: Messi guides Argentina to eighth-finals (but has it a place?)

f684b07babdba803f411d8a81573d460 - The miracle is a fact: Messi guides Argentina to eighth-finals (but has it a place?)

The miracle is done. Two brilliant goals – one from Messi, one of Rojo – sufficient for Argentina to win Nigeria in between gelijkmaakte from the dot through Moses, and perhaps a second penalty earned. In the eighth finals will take Argentina up against France.

The Argentines only had one mission: win and hope that Iceland will not would do the same against the already placed Croatia. That pressure made for a nervous start for the Argentines. As in the two previous matches, there was too much waste in the game of the South Americans. Minute fourteen: a delicious dieptepass of Banega to Messi – the first decent dieptepass that he at this world cup was – was by Messi brilliantly taken and with the right past a grabbelende Uzoho hunted. The Nigerian goalkeeper had not the least remedy against the swing of the Barcelona star.

The goal worked already liberating. The Argentines found each other better and when Di Maria was separated, there was an emergency brake of Balogun need to take the express train from PSG to stop. Free-kick for the Argentines with Messi behind the ball. The Flea opted surprisingly for the far post but his attempt ran aground on the same pole. The inspiratieloze Nigerians got to not in the vicinity of Argentinian goalkeeper Armani, the replacement of the hapless Caballero.

Controversial penalty kick

Argentina on the peace maker in the eighth finals, especially since Iceland failed the Croatian wall to demolish. But the Turkish ref Cakir also played. The second half was only five minutes old when a penalty kick is seen in a duel between Mascherano and Balogun. There was definitely contact but the Nigerian defender was lying when he saw that he was no longer in the corner. Penalty, ruled Cakir, also after consultation of the VAR. Moses placed himself behind the ball and the Chelsea attacker had goalkeeper Armani don’t have a chance.

The courage sank the Argentines in the shoes but the South Americans had no choice: they had to have a second time to score. Then again, the big gap in the team of Messi and co above came floating: lack of talent, especially defensively, and especially the lack of a battle plan. How much the Argentines tried, they had not the ingenuity to however little to the imagination speaking Nigerian defense to dismantle. It was hope, in a rare flash of Leo Messi but didn’t. On the contrary, Nigeria had a second penalty can get after another childish to defend in the Argentine defense. Cakir did not dare to and awarded the South Americans still use the slotkwartier of hope. Higuain kicked the hit of the qualification obviously about, what about spot’s of Messi walked spoke on an African wall. To defender Rojo five minutes for affluiten are currently found. As an accomplished striker accomplished he the leather past Uzoho after a rare full-fledged attack. And then, suddenly, were the Argentinians posted again. This situation gave them no more from the hands, to the great relief of a crazy coach Sampaoli and the quick-tempered middle fingers and hold them displaying Diego Maradona.

Or this Argentina place in the last sixteen deserves? Probably not, this sets the talk to a little! But for the tournament it is nice to have Leo Messi will soon be in the quarter-final to see the work against France.

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