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Swiss Central Bank representatives: the interest of the state crypto-currencies wanes

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Thomas Moser, from the Swiss national Bank (SNB) sees a decline in the interest of nation-States on their own crypto-currencies. So many of the original interested parties have refrained from the idea as it gives you surety to a lot of risks. Meanwhile, the state and the Central Bank’s move on to the Bahamas in the direction of a pilot project.

For a time it looked as if governments and Central banks around the world are thinking about their own centralized crypto-currencies. In addition to Venezuela, which occupies with the Launch of the controversial Petro a pioneering role in this field, also played in Russia, Turkey, Iran and even in the UK with this thought. To hear how well of a representative of the Swiss Central Bank, seem to be the interest in national crypto-currencies, however to decrease.

Interest, risks too high

In an interview with the magazine “Business Insider” in Zug’s “Crypto Valley”, said the Deputy member of the governing Board of the Swiss national Bank, Thomas Moser, that Central banks had become sceptical. Electronic pictures of Bank notes and bring benefits, the risks were comparatively high.

“In the beginning there was a lot of interest and enthusiasm on the issue of own national Cryptocurrency. I think, however, that this enthusiasm is due to the effects on the financial stability in the meantime, slowed down again“,

so Moser to the magazine.

In his opinion, the fear of making mistakes, compared to the courage, the interest in the technology into practice and Innovation is predominant at the Moment. Currently, each Central Bank would only consider, experiment and wait for a representative of the industry dares and goes ahead. However, he is optimistic that there will be long-term national crypto-currencies.

Bahamas: With a good example?

A possible example could be the island nation of the Bahamas. The Central Bank as a tax haven well-known country has recently announced concrete plans for its own cryptocurrency. In a pilot project, a national digital currency is to be tested for the Bahamas. The crypto-currency of the Bahamas to be a success, it could be – in contrast to the much – maligned petrochemical of Venezuela to an initial ignition for other Central banks. However, the island state economies with larger economies comparable.

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