Suri Cruise serves lemonade to thirsty Gay Pride participants

Lady Gaga surprised with presence at Pride March

Suri Cruise, the enterprising daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes made the best use of a warm day in New York by lemonade to sell to thirsty Gay Pride March celebrants. They continued last Sunday with friends a limonadekraampje in New York. The cups of drink were on sale for two dollars a piece. According to customers, was Suri a very happy and friendly to people.

Under the direction of former tennis player Bliie Jean-King and and transgender activist Tyler Ford ran the paradedeelnemers by Greenwich Village to Fifth Avenue. Among the spectators was Lady Gaga who, sitting in a car by the public was welcomed. The singer shared the videos of the Pride March on Instagram, and showed in another post her rainbow eye shadow. “HAPPY PRIDE,” she wrote with the photos.

Gaga also showed images of themselves in which they swing a regeboogvlag with the words “Born This Way”, the title of her hit from 2011.

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