‘Step by step it goes better with Jada’

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Nicolette van Dam has her cousin Jada, daughter of Chantal Bles and Robert Doornbos, visited in the hospital. On Instagram, she wrote that it slowly go better with the two-year-old girl.

A photo of the room of Jada, writes Nicolette: “This is a small strong brave girl is very special. A real fighter. Step by step it goes better with her.”

Let them also know quite a lot of respect for Chantal and Robert. “So proud of my little girl and her amazing mommy and daddy. The love, positivity and support from everyone, dragging them through the… Whoppers are.”

Jada has a tumor with metastases in her body and was last week operated on. She’s staying in the Princess Máxima Centre for childhood oncology group.

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