Starbucks reimburses sex-reassignment surgery from a to z

2d851584d01bedffb59f116391b88734 - Starbucks reimburses sex-reassignment surgery from a to z

Starbucks is going to be package with health benefits for transgender employees to expand. This will result in the coffee chain will also intervene in operations in the context of a sex change that were previously considered to be plastic surgery.

American Starbucks employees could, since 2012, all rely on their health insurance for the cover of geslachtsoperaties, but now it will also intervene, breast enlargements or removals, hair transplants, feminize the face, and other operations in the context of a sex change, so the company announced Monday.

“We made this decision out of the desire to be a full package of care to offer to our employees, arising out of important conversations with transgender people that have demonstrated that such operations them really allow it to completely be themselves,” says vice president Ron Crawford.

For the exact interpretation of the health insurance worked the international coffee chain closely together with the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH).

“Many of the so-called cosmetic procedures are not optional for transgender people, but essential in their search for who they really are,” explains Jamison Green WPATH. ‘A treatment with electrolysis (used for ontharingen, ed.) can be a life-saving procedure for a transvrouw.’

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