Sentenced-helper wants in Aachen stay

3ad43a1d4835a9631a99b11d7d090566 - Sentenced-helper wants in Aachen stay

AACHEN – A convicted-helper is to the right stepped to deportation from Germany to avoid. That, the court in Aachen on Tuesday confirmed. The 42-year-old Tunesiër received in June 2016 vijfenhalf years in prison due to the provision of hand-and-span for terrorist organisation Islamic State.

The Aachen authorities have taken the man out when he is released because he is a threat to the public order. According to local newspapers, his lawyer said that the population has nothing to fear. The Tunesiër is purified and no longer dangerous.

The North African early in Germany, applied for asylum under a false identity. It was rejected but, nevertheless, he succeeded always in expansion to prevent. Meanwhile he made himself guilty of siphoning of jihadists who joined IS wanted to connect.

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