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“Ronaldo angry? That is normal”

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“We need to do better and to self-criticism. We took five goals in three games. Thus, it will not succeed to the end in the tournament”, said Spanish head coach Fernando Hierro Monday after the end of the 2-2 draw against Morocco on the last day in world cup group B. The Portuguese national coach Fernando Santos was back to normal, that his star player Ronaldo was angry.

Spain crowned as with a lot of effort to poulewinnaar, Portugal remained also on a draw sting against Iran: 1-1. “We said yesterday that we will be in trouble would come against Morocco, because it has a very good selection. They lost two matches with 1-0, while they had earned”, said Hierro, who just before the world cup took over from the fired Julen Lopetegui. “But despite all the difficulties, we are still first in our group. That was the goal.”

In the eighth-finals play the Spaniards against host Russia. “The Russians will be a lot of supporters you can count. But a contest for you to win on the field, not next to it. We have players who are used to such an atmosphere to play. We have the three races of Russia is seen. We know that it is a difficult opponent. Now we know how it works: either we win or we pack our suitcases and we return to the house. On July 1 (when Spain against Russia are recording), we know whether we kampioenengeluk on our side.”

Morocco was still ahead of the duel with Spain off for the eighth finals, the end the world cup with 1 point. “We had very like Spain have beaten, before we were here tonight,” said the Moroccan coach Hervé Renard. “Our entire team should be commended for this world cup. We had a lack of experience, but we were there for 20 years, not at the world cup.”

Fernando Santos is on the alert for “absolute top players” of Uruguay

The missed penalty from Cristiano Ronaldo was Portugal Monday nearly fatal on the third day, as in world cup group B against Iran. After the 1-1 draw is the European champion in the eighth-finals.

“It is important to already to the next race to think”, said the Portuguese coach Fernando Santos. “We need our opponent to know, and us to be physically and mentally prepared, whether in Uruguay or the host country. Although the host country, of course, great support, Russia has played so far a very good tournament. Uruguay has a lot of quality and absolute top players. They are all fantastic, but that is also true for Portugal. We have our weapons and will try to win.”

Cristiano Ronaldo was hardly in a good mood after the game. “That is normal”, continued Santos. “Players if he wants to win and be the best. When that fails, he is angry.”

Karim Ansarifard made in injury time the equalizer from the strafschopstip. Taremi had the 1-2 and the qualification to the foot. But the Iranian decided in the zijnet, allowing Portugal to the elimination escaped. “This is such a great disappointment for us,” left a right-winger Alireza Jahanbakhsh again. “We had a great chance at the end of the contest. We were able to score and the three points deal with it.” Iran was finally third with 4 points.

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