Ronald Koeman laughed to slip

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Ronald Koeman has but a hard time. Not with the Dutch national Team or the world cup, no, the coach is sitting with the hands in the hair because of a slip… or 120.

Ronald Koeman

If Koeman finally decides to his problem to share with the worldwide web, he is immediately put to the heel taken. “Three months ago, I have 60 pairs of Havaianas ordered for the wedding of my daughter. The order is already paid, but I have still not received anything. My package would get lost, more information I don’t get. Very disappointing and a very poor service”, he writes of his frustration.

Instead of the hoped-for help or support, Ronald single sarcastic comment, in which similarities could be drawn with his career as a football coach. A solution, he has still not, but fortunately there is between all the sarcastic comments also still a few (equally sarcastic) tips:

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